Robot Race is a networked implementation clone of a board game called Robo Rally by Wizards of the Coast Inc.

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  • full-3) 03/12/2000:  Release 3 of the full source code. Changed some filenames to be more intuitive. Added an install script to install basic configuration files. Trying out the code for newcomers should be much simpler now. 3 typos fixed.
  • 002b) 02/24/2000:  Release 002b. Configuration files and instructions on how to install them are included in the package. A new directory structure has been implemented in order to make multiple debian packages more simple. Hopefully the directory style overall is more organized than before.
  • 001) 02/10/2000:  Discovered Release 001 doesn't work without adding some files to home directory. These are simple configuration files. Directions need to be added to docs or the files created automatically. Release 002 will provide a solution.
  • 001) 02/02/2000:  Robot Race v6 released. Both client & server have been rewritten from scratch.
  • What's this game all about? [As reported in The Linux Game Tome]

    Robot Race is a race game in which each player attempts to be the first to touch a series of flags by maneuvering a robot across a dynamic race course. The game is for two to eight players playing independently or on teams. Frequently, the race will mutate into multi-player skirmishes as those players who are behind use their weaponry in an attempt to slow the opposition. The simultaneous movement rules encourage clever strategies and counterstrategies as players try to second-guess their opponents.  -- Bob Zimbinski

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    Latest full source (3): rr6-full-3.tar.gz

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