Project Current Status: Alpha (v6 started, a rewrite from scratch)

Robot Race v6 has not been officially announced. Till I graduate from college and get sometype of settlement in my real life development is very slow.


Things TODO Server GUI Client Text Client
Shutdown Feature not fully tested yes ?
Option Cards no n/a n/a
Team Play no n/a n/a
Elements Moving yes yes, no animation ?
Factory Tile Download yes yes ?
Can Configure Server yes yes ?
Locked Registers ? ? ?
Can Select Cards To Play yes yes, if locked? ?
Robot Animation yes yes, could be better ?
Board Lasers Fireing no n/a ?
Robot Lasers Fireing no n/a ?
Pushers Pushing no n/a n/a
Crushers Crushing yes yes, no animation ?
Gears Turning yes yes, no animation ?
Pits Killing yes yes, no animation ?
Treds Moving yes yes, no animation ?